The 4 Corner™ Approach to Building Extraordinary Mission-Minded, People-Powered® Organizations

Great leaders understand the complexity of leadership but viewing it within a “four corners” approach in mind will give you a framework for leading better at work, home, and beyond. Based on decades of research and leadership experience across diverse environments, the Mission Minded, People Powered 4-Corner® approach is a proven means of consistently delivering value to all stakeholders. Each of the 4-Corners is anchored in respect and trust, which are foundational elements to creating inclusive and empowering environments and sustainable and scalable positive results—all powerful tools for transforming individuals and organizations.

Here is an overview of the 4-Corners leadership approach to developing extraordinary outcomes:

Corner #1: Invest in Talent

Leaders are responsible for establishing an environment where growth and success can happen.

Corner #2: Engage Hearts and Minds

Leaders are responsible for establishing an environment where personal and professional growth can happen.

Corner #3: Execute with Intention

Leaders ensure everyone has the training and tools needed to succeed.

Corner #4: Act as One

Ultimately, everyone recognizes success is a collective endeavor and everyone, leader and led, must each do their part to make remarkable results a reality.

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